WellboreFrameRepresentation.setMdValues(double, double, long)

Hello @philippeVerney,

We are using FESAPI java.

We are noticing that when we use WellboreFrameRepresentation.setMdValues(double, double, long) to write index of regular curve these values are not written to the corresponding .xml file in the .epc.

As you can see below NodMd tag is empty.

<resqml20:NodeCount xmlns:xsd=http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema xsi:type=xsd:positiveInteger>0</resqml20:NodeCount>

Could you please let us know, if there is a known issue or if we are not using the API correct.

The below API call for writing indices for irregular curve is working OK.
WellboreFrameRepresentation.setMdValues(double array, long, hdfproxy)


Hi @shakirhusain,

At a first glance, there is no known issue and my first test on FESAPI java is OK.
I particularly looked at the line 204 of my JAVA example fesapi/FesapiJavaExample.java at v1.2.3.0 · F2I-Consulting/fesapi · GitHub (which goes into fesapi\java\example after build time).

Thanks for the response.

We will compare our usage with the example.


@philippeVerney, I want to acknowledge that this is not FESAPI issue, but rather due to a bug on our end.
This is working as expected.

Thanks for taking a look, despite code review we overlooked the bug before raising this at the forum.


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