Update Geometry patches of PolylineSetRepresentation


We are using java wrapper of fesapi
Could you please let us know if there is a way to add additional data (nodes and nodeCountPerPolyline) to existing patches in PolylineSetRepresentation?

We are writing fault plane to RESQML and we want to write individual fault segment one after the other, so we want to be able to update the existing PolylineSetRepresentation data with more fault segment data till all fault segments written.


Hi Shakir,

There is no easy way at all.
The FESAPI source code should be modified. And the HDF5 part would be hard to handle, I think.
FESAPI is not really well prepared for modifying something. It is much more designed to import and export data only.

Thanks for your quick response Philippe!
We will try to make changes on our end keeping in mind of this limitation.