Supporting updates and deletes in resqml file (.epc + .h5) in FESAPI roadmap

Hello Philippe,

In the following thread you clarified that updates and deletes are not supported in RESQML:

Do you have in your roadmap to support updates and deletes to existing resqml files ?

It shouldn’t be a big deal if update/deletes need to acquire an exclusive lock on the file (hence do not allow any other operation including read).

We have done quite a number of workarounds due to this lack of update support.

Moreover, update/delete support will open up many other use cases for workflows involving RESQML where RESQML can be treated as “first class” data source for the data types supported by RESQML.


Hi Shakir,

It is on the roadmap since a long time (several years) but has never been put as a priority by the FESAPI initiative. Since it is not funded and since the way we envisage it (using sqlite in the back with transaction support) would be a quite big task, it has never been started.

I definitely understand the value but today I can only confirm that FESAPI is only done to think about Energistics data as transient data (just the time of import and export).

FESAPI has more and more adopters and to be honest less and less funds. I let you imagine the consequences about requests which are not bug fix.