Simulator generation for client-server communication

Hi team,

There’s one fetpapiServer as in link below
GitHub - F2I-Consulting/fetpapiServer
Can this server be build like simulator?

Hi Jeenal,

All depends what you want to “simulate”.
But basically speaking, the FETPAPI server is OK for basic testing of an ETP server (mainly RESQML focused i.e. without real time or growing objects subprotocols).


Hi Philippe,

To build this fetpapiServer code, I’ve created one dependency library folder which include folders - avro-src-1.10.2, boost_1_77_0, previously built fesapi, & previously built fetpapi.

Using CMAKE utility, I’ve created makefile for it.

When I’m executing this makefile, getting below errors.

Am I following this correct process to build the fesapiServer code?

As per the for it, can you please explain the line:
“In order to run the container on your docker desktop, please publish the 80 port using the command : docker run -p 80:80 [IMAGE]”


Hi Jeenal,

About your README question, here is the explanation : Dockerfile reference | Docker Documentation
Bascially this it to set the port on which the ETP server of your Docker container is going to listen.