Sealed Surface Framework Representation

How do I push back the references to my TriangulatedSetRepresentation?

All representations can be pushed back into a RepresentationSetRepresentation thanks to the method AbstractRepresentation::pushBackIntoRepresentationSet
Since a SealedSurfaceFrameworkRepresentation is a RepresentationSetRepresentation, you can use TriangulatedSetRepresentation.pushBackIntoRepresentationSet(mySealedSurfaceFrameworkRepresentation).
It looks inverse and I don’t remember why I did that way to be honest… Probably because of the rule : the contained element should point to the container, not the opposite. I would probably do differently today…

An example is given here : l.809 of


I used your example to push contact information onto a SealedSurfaceFrameworkRepresentation when creating an EPC file:


I can see the sealed contact info in the EPC obj_SealedSurfaceFrameworkRepresentation and in HDF5, but how do I retrieve them when reading an EPC file? I cannot find any getters related to contacts in either of the top-level framework classes.

Hi Matthias,

It is not done yet. We have just allowed (worked on) export for some Sealed Surface Framework (for Geosiris FYI) and no request has been done for import yet (with a high priority).
I’ll record this as a new issue