Running into "HDF proxy missing" exception with C# library

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We are using the FesapiCs0.13.0.0 Version= assembly for C# but when trying to specify the parent window for LGR using the setParentWindow API in AbstractGridRepresentation, I am running into a runtime exception HDF proxy is missing, even though HDF proxy is defined on the EPC document. Also I noted that the AbstractRepresentation class for C# assembly is missing the setHdfProxy API which is found for C++ libs. Is this expected and if so, is there any workaround that could help me to resolve this?
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v0.13.0.0 is an old version. You should consider upgrading your FESAPI.
At a first glance, it looks this bug has been solved from v0.16.0.0 which you should be able to adopt easily. A shift to v1 and even v2 would be even better but would require more development.

In v0.13.0.0, the hdf proxy associated to the LGR must be set somehow before to call setParentWindow. For example, setting the geometry of the LGR before to set its parent window should do the desired workaround. Indeed, in the various setGeometry methods, you often can set the HdfProxy as a parameter.

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FYI, and for tracability reason, here is the commit which should fix this issue : Support for multirealization properties by philippeVerney · Pull Request #149 · F2I-Consulting/fesapi · GitHub

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Hi Philippe, thanks for the responses, and I just wanted to update you that I installed the tag and confirm that it fixes the exception issue.