OSDU Reservoir DDMS / ETP 1.2 support

Hello @philippeVerney,

Earlier we built capability to read/write Resqml 2.0.1 files using fesapi

Now, we are exploring the capability to read/write from/to OSDU Reservoir DDMS / ETP 1.2 server.

I am seeing that there are github repos fetpapi, fetpapiClinet and fetpapiServer.

Are these libraries released and can be used or is this work in progress ?

Also, could you please provide some pointers on how these libraries can be used to read/write from/to OSDU Reservoir DDMS ?


Hi @shakirhusain

FETPAPI(s) can be used but they are still in progress. The plan is to make a release this year or next year.

FetpapiServer is clearly the worst one. I almost give it up. It is only a very basic one, with the sole intent to make basic test. We assume OSDU RDDMS will be the default open source ETP server for the long term.
FETPAPI is the most important one because it contains all the code for ETP1.2 support (server, client side and potential connection with FESAPI).
FetpapiClient is the interesting one for most of users since it shows how to use FETPAPI in C++, Java, C# or .NET

FETPAPI can only be used in association with FESAPI iff you use FESAPI v2+ (I even make all my test with FESAPI master/main branch). No chance that you can directly and easily use FETPAPI with FESAPI 1.2.3 except if you make the bridge by yourself (quite easy to make it for the XML part but much more complicated for the HDF part especially if you want to keep the same HDF5 FESAPI methods)

Examples (in different languages) are provided to show some basic usage of FETPAPI. They are not tested in CI which may make them a bit out of sync but the big picture would still be present.
In java : you should look at fetpapiClient/FetpapiClient.java at main · F2I-Consulting/fetpapiClient · GitHub
In C++ (most advanced example) : fetpapiClient/main.cpp at main · F2I-Consulting/fetpapiClient · GitHub

There is also a docker file which shows how to build : fetpapiClient/Dockerfile at main · F2I-Consulting/fetpapiClient · GitHub which builds there Docker Hub
However this docker image only supports for now SSL which is not the case for OSDU RDDMS current contribution.

To summarize, it can definitely be used for testing. This is indeed part of my current work (with JAVA version for connecting to OSDU RDDMS) but the beginning of the learning curve is significant. We may decrease this cost in the future but it all depends on our availability which is not so much for now.
The FETPAPI architecture should not change a lot now at least for first FETPAPI major version release.

Thanks for the information Philippe !