Method for accessing a Property UOM

I need to read the UOM of a Property, but there does not seem to be a function to do so.
I checked common/AbstractObject and did not find any functions for retrieving UOM (no getUom or getUomAsString). Is there a way to do this?


Hi @dominiccamilleri,
All RESQML properties have not UOMs. It is even more true about RESQML dataobjects (such as horizonFeature or faultInterpretation, etc…).
If we concentrate on properties, only ContinuousProperty(ies) have got uom and you could find getUom or getUomAsString in this class.
Please check if your property is a continuous one, then downcast to ContinuousProperty if necessary and then call dedicated methods.
If your property is not a continuous one, RESQML does not provide uom for them

My property is indeed Continuous. Thanks for the detailed explanation.