JVM gets crash sometime while reading StringValuesOfPatch from CommentProperty

I am using fesapi java wrapper.
I have saved ShortPoints (Horizon2D)data in CommentProperty, when I read the data back from it using following menthod StringVector valuesAsString= obj.getStringValuesOfPatch(0); JVM get crashed sometimes.

This is from Crash report

Java frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code)
J 469 com.f2i.energisticsStandardsApi.fesapiJNI.resqml2_0_1_CommentProperty_getStringValuesOfPatch(JLcom/f2i/energisticsStandardsApi/resqml2_0_1/CommentProperty;J)J (0 bytes) @ 0x00000215704de01a [0x00000215704ddfc0+0x5a]
J 470 C1 com.f2i.energisticsStandardsApi.resqml2_0_1.CommentProperty.getStringValuesOfPatch(J)Lcom/f2i/energisticsStandardsApi/StringVector; (18 bytes) @ 0x00000215704de4bc [0x00000215704de3e0+0xdc]
J 300 C2 FesapiPolylineRepresentationForHorizonData.readCommentProperty(Lcom/f2i/energisticsStandardsApi/resqml2_0_1/CommentProperty;)V (169 bytes) @ 0x0000021570466bb8 [0x00000215704666e0+0x4d8]
j FesapiPolylineRepresentationForHorizonData.readEpcFile(Ljava/lang/String;)V+98
j FesapiPolylineRepresentationForHorizonData.main([Ljava/lang/String;)V+62
v ~StubRoutines::call_stub

Is there any work around for it?

Husnain Mehdi


It looks like an unknown bug.
I’ll need to study it and then to correct it. I create a Github issue for it : JVM gets crash sometime while reading StringValuesOfPatch from CommentProperty · Issue #301 · F2I-Consulting/fesapi · GitHub

Hi Husnain,

Just to inform you that I am pretty busy with the end of the year honoring some contracts.
I think that I won’t be able to look at this issue soon. Expect probably weeks of delay on my side.
Of course other contributions than mine would be welcomed and would accelerate the fix.