Issue while building java_wrapping of fetpapi with fesapi on centos

Hi @philippeVerney

I’m trying to build java wrapping of fetpapi with fesapi- on centos via following the yml fetpapi/github-actions.yml at main · F2I-Consulting/fetpapi · GitHub
Using command
cmake -DAVRO_INCLUDE_DIR=/home/centos/fetpapiEnv/dependencies/avro-cpp-1.10.2-install/include -DAVRO_LIBRARY_RELEASE=/home/centos/fetpapiEnv/dependencies/avro-cpp-1.10.2-install/lib/libavrocpp_s.a -DWITH_FESAPI=TRUE -DFESAPI_INCLUDE_DIR=/home/centos/fetpEnv/fesapi-install/include/ -DFESAPI_LIBRARY_RELEASE=/home/centos/fetpEnv/fesapi-install/lib64/ -DFESAPI_JAR=/home/centos/fetpEnv/fesapi-install/lib64/fesapiJava- -DWITH_JAVA_WRAPPING=TRUE /home/centos/fetpEnv/fetpapi-src/
I’m able to configure and generate the swig files

but after command
cmake --build . --config Release -j2
i’m getting following errors

Can you please guide me. Thanks
Sidrah Islam

Hi Sidrah,

It looks like a header file is missing.
Could you try to add a line

#include <boost/asio/steady_timer.hpp>

in the block of lines starting line 27 in fetpapi/Server.h at main · F2I-Consulting/fetpapi · GitHub and see if it works please?
If it helps I will add it in master.

hi @philippeVerney

It worked you can add it in master.

Thank you for the solution.
Sidrah islam

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