Issue using ExtraMetadataCount method for Well and Wellbore class


While using FESAPI version(Java wrapper) to create resqml files,i am getting this exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not implemented yet,when i execute getExtraMetadataCount() on (com.f2i.energisticsStandardsApi.witsml2_0.Well) class.
Is it any kind of bug or it is not support in ?
Furher, i want to tell using FESAPI this method is working fine.

Husnain Mehdi.

Hi @Husnain,

Thanks for raising this point.
It is kind of bug which is not fixed in because the global fix is a quite deep one. It has been fixed in 2.0 with the release note : New architecture for supporting multiple versions of multiple standards (Major change).

I can try to fix only this method if really needed for you in a 1.2.4. But the real fix is to adopt 2.0 when you intend to use multiple standards (and/or multiple versions of standards) together.


As a side note and if it is not clear, you are trying here to read WITSML well, not RESQML well (which does not exist by the way, only RESQML wellbore exist).

Thanks for your response Philippe,

After analyzing RESQML 2.0.1 produced by other softwares we realized that they are not writing well/wellbore entities in the RESQML file.
The files contain Wellbore Feature, Wellbore Interpretation and other child entities.
We will adapt to work with these entities.
We do not need you to backport the method at this point.