IjkParametricGrid xyz points


I am wondering, the getXyzPointsOfPatchFromParametricPoints method uses the pillarKind to test if the line is defined to compute the actual geometry and not the booleans of PillarGeometryIsDefined.

Is it on purppse ?

My current dataset has pillarKind at 1 for all pillars but some have pillarGeomtryIsDefined at true and some at false. I expected to have points with NaN

So I have

Hi Lionel,


If the indicator does not indicate that the pillar geometry is defined, then this over-rides any other node geometry specification.

You are right to expect to have points with NaN in the use case you describe.
Logged as an issue : pillarGeometryIsDefined must override pillarKind information · Issue #199 · F2I-Consulting/fesapi · GitHub


Fixed : https://github.com/F2I-Consulting/fesapi/commit/f61dad7b02ad834f8e8af4076971510a48709989