IJKGrid with gaps between K layers

Can fesapi handle grids with gaps between layers?


___________ … interface = 0
| |
| Layer K=0 |
||… interface = 1
. .
. .
___________ … interface = 2
| |
| Layer K=1 |
|… interface = 3

Hi Dominic,

Sorry but FESAPI does not support such grids yet.
I just added a feature request into Github for storing this wish : https://github.com/F2I-Consulting/fesapi/issues/247
I cannot give any deadline for it since it would not be a trivial implementation.


I am starting working on k gaps support (without guarantee of success and without deadline).

For completeness of this post, I want to remind the official recommendation that “For a grid with “layer gaps”, consider exporting a version of the grid with extra layers instead of gaps, because many geologic modeling applications do not support grids with such gaps.” in http://docs.energistics.org/#RESQML/RESQML_TOPICS/RESQML-000-235-0-C-sv2010.html

It does not change my try to support it in FESAPI. This is just for completeness of this post.

Done in this commit (master today).
Planned to be released with next version v2.0.0.0.