IJKGrid and indexable_interval_edges


I was wondering, is there a way to retrieve the indexable interval edges of an IJK Grid from the resqml file ?

Thanks in advance


Not sure to really understand.
Do you mean : “Is It possible to retrieve the nodes (i.e. the geometry) of an IJK grid K layer by K layer?”

yes, but not with intervalStratigraphicUnitIndices but with indexable inverval edges with this method:

What I understand from your link is only the possibility to technically attach an interval edges indexable method to a subrepresentation linked to an ijk grid.
And yes this should be possible with fesapi subrepresentation:

To know which type of element I have to use getElementKindOfPatch().
But, I do not understand how to load this information from a file with fesapi and how this information is linked to the ijk grid.
It is maybe because I do not understand exactly what an interval edge is.

Fesapi loads automatically everything it can load. You have not to worry about that except if one of your classes/attributes are not supported by Fesapi which does not look the case.

You can access ALL subrepresentions (including the one you seem to want) of all representations (including ijk grid) with the methods of resqml2::AbstractRepresentation

std::vector< SubRepresentation * > getSubRepresentationSet () const
unsigned int getSubRepresentationCount () const
SubRepresentation * getSubRepresentation (const unsigned int &index) const