IJK grid visualization crashes

Hi everyone :wave:,

My name is Morgane Vives, I am a engineering student in Numerical Geology. As a part of my internship, I am prototyping a RESQML export option for PaleoScan software IJK grids. Fesapi was really useful for that, and the documentation is very complete.

I just finished implementing a first version of the export, and I would like to visualize the grid before adding more complexity to it. I am working with 2 unfaulted cells.

I first visualized the EPC and H5 files thanks to Energetics Product_Validator (Editor_2.0.1_win64 & hdfview). I got the following warning : “pathtomyEPC/myEPC/[ContentTypes].xml has problem in PartName value !” but I can fully read the EPC and H5 without any problems.

When I try importing my EPC to Petrel 2019, the software crashes. Same for Paraview with Fespp pluggin, but in this case I think it could come from the pluggin or software since a Petrel EPC file (which can be successfully re-imported into Petrel) also crashes the soft. I will probably re-install and link everything.

And now I am stuck, since I do not know where is the problem. I compared the Petrel EPC, mine and also one that is given by Energetics. I don’t see any important differences but neither the Energetics EPC example nor my 2 unfaulted cells can be imported to Petrel 2019, and none of the three EPC can be visualized on Paraview. So now, I have no idea where the problem comes from.

This is a very vague post, I am sorry for that. If you have any idea how to solve my problem or any advices for further testing, I would be happy to hear them :slight_smile: .

I am working on Windows, using Fesapi 1.2.0 for the export on PaleoScan, Fespp 2.2.0 with Fesapi v1.1.0. and Paraview 5.6.0. And finally, Petrel 2019.

sorry for the edit, the post was published by mistake

Hi Morgan,

Welcome to this forum and thanks for posting into it!

I am not aware of any problem with Petrel 2019 and Energetics Product_Validator neither. But it can exist since I have not done a lot experimentation with it.
Petrel uses FESAPI but a much older version. It might explain some issues even if it is not my current guess for your problem.
About FESPP, since F2I owns both FESPP and FESAPI, I am pretty sure it should normally work. We quite extensively test with FESPP.

Finally without the EPC file, I am not sure to be able to give you a lot of advices. Since it looks it is a very synthetic data, could you share it please (epc+h5)? When I will find time, I will look at it and let you know if I see an obvious error. I will also open it with our FESPP version in order to check if I have the same crash. If I have the same crash, we will fix that in order to at least raise an error in the GUI instead of crashing the whole application.

I think I will also be able to test with PETREL2019 but I cannot guarantee it.

Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your answer.

I created a WeTransfer link to my .h5 and EPC files. I also added a figure of the simple 2-cell grid : https://www.transfernow.net/JVyhd7082020

I am currently re-installing Paraview with the Fespp pluggin in hope the problem comes from the installation since even the Energetics EPC example was also not working. I will let you know if anything changes after that.

Here is what I get with our latest development version of FESPP (branch ETP : https://github.com/F2I-Consulting/fespp/tree/Etp)

I think there are errors in your export looking at what I see.
I have not enough time to check all XYZ coordinates ordering but I think this is the reason of the various crashes (maybe not with FESPP which should do the job)

I also tested with the latest FESPP release and the result is the same (no crash).
I just installed the Paraview binary “ParaView-5.6.2-Windows-msvc2015-64bit” from https://www.paraview.org/download/
then I downloaded the FESPP binaries from https://github.com/F2I-Consulting/fespp/releases
then I followed the README.Txt contained in the zip of Fespp2_2_0_for_PV5_6.zip

My problem with Paraview was coming from the build of the Fespp and Paraview. I was downloading the sources and building it. Now it is working perfectly !

Thank you for your help ! Now that I can visualize my grid, it will be easier to find the problem.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: