How to Link/Attach one or more of PolylineRepresentation/s with PolylineSetRepresent

We are using java wrapper of fesapi
Could you please let us know how to link/attach one or more of PolylineRepresentation/s objects with PolylineSetRepresent object?

Thanks in advace.

HI @Husnain

I do not think that what you ask for is even RESQML compliant.
A PolylineRepresentation contains a single line.
A PolylineSetRepresentation contains several lines.
Use one or the other one, but not the two at the same time for the same dataobject.

I guess your question is more RESQML related than FESAPI related if I understand correctly your question.

I have Seismic Line data in PolylineRepresentation and HorizonInterpretation data that is build on that seismic line in PolylinsetRepresentation.
Now lets assume there are 5 lines (5 different PolylineRepresentation objects) next
5 HorizonInterpretations build on these 5 seismic line (1 PolylineSetRepresentation object having patches each patch having one horizon interpretation),
So in that case there is a some why to attach/link one polylineRepresentation with PolylineSetRepresentation object…As shown in attach picture

In attach picture obj xyz_16 is polylineSetRepresentation that is attached with many polylineRepresentations objects like name_33, name_35, name name_37 etc

It looks to me as a really advanced question.
Not sure if it is a RESQML question or a FESAPI one.

I am only sure that it would take me (much) more than what I generally spend on answer in this free forum.
I can only let the community answering for now or hopefully I will come back on it when I’ll find more time.