GP Grid Representation

I’m trying to use the GP (General Purpose) Grid representation to read complex and mixed geometry (structured and unstructured)
As far as I know reading the fesapi documentation there are no way to manage directly those kind of Grid. It’s correct ? if so, what could be the best way to approach this stuff ?

In theory, GP grid could contain more than one Unstructured Grid , depending on the patch index,and more than one IJK grid, if I understand well.
In practice we are interested in a simpler case in which there is one IJK grid and one Unstructured Grid


Hi Paolo,

You are right, GPGrid is not supported yet in Fesapi.
The following approaches work for all missing things in Fesapi:

  • Join the Fesapi initiative started beginning of this year. 3 companies are for now part of this initiative plus Energistics which does most of the administrative stuff about it. Basically, your membership in this initiative would give to you a right for voting for your wish list. Your wish list will be worked up to three months per year by F2I. FYI, we are right now in a working month. The membership is non free.
  • Do it by yourself. Make a fork on github of the fesapi project, do your work with the available documentation and forum and community help. If you want to share your code, you can make a Pull Request to the F2I github repository. A code review will be done when F2I would be available and when everything’s ok, your PR will be merged in the official Fesapi repository.
  • Pay a service company to do it. It can be whatever company you want but of course F2I is probably the one with the most expertise. On the other hand, F2I is almost fully booked for 2019.
  • Ask for it in github (feature request when you create an issue) and wait for someone from the community willing and able to do it. If it is a little feature request or a bug fix, it would be probably done quickly. If not, be aware that the developer fesapi community is quite little.

To summarize, these are quite general rules which apply to all open source project.

I can give more details on whatever point you want.
Maybe you had the point 2 in mind. If so, there is no real documentation about how to code Fesapi (not a high priority of the Fesapi initiative wish lists for now). The best would probably be to look at how unstructured grid are managed and try to mimic it (and post a lot on this forum when problems occur hoping the community would have enough time to answer)

As an example, I just created a feature request on github to store your demand.

I cannot put a milestone on it for now but at least, this is officially stored somewhere.