Facing errors while building - fetpapiServer


I want to build the below test code of fetpapiServer

For that, I tried to create Docker image in CentOS. But I received below error:

Can you please provide some inputs to fix it?


The URL to avro has changed and I need to find time to update the docker file.
As a workaround please just change on l.78 of the dockerfile https://mirroir.wptheme.fr/apache/avro/avro-1.10.2/cpp/avro-cpp-1.10.2.tar.gz to https://archive.apache.org/dist/avro/avro-1.10.2/cpp/avro-cpp-1.10.2.tar.gz


I’m able to build the dockerfile. Now to connect client application, what is the default URL for server to connect it?


There is not really default URL.
Your ETP server will be accessible through your docker container. So please use whatever ip and port (mappable to an URL if your infrastructure does it) your docker container listens.


I’m trying to communicate between FetpapiServer (Server) & Fesapi (Client).

In Mobaxterm software, I’ve created docker images for both.
When I’m running Server (Path : where dockerfile is present), I’m getting below result:

And when I’m running Client (Path : where dockerfile is present), It does not show any running process & exits.

Can you please provide some inputs to fix it?

FESAPI has never been an ETP client.
I don’t know at all what is this client-witsml2.0 you are running in docker.

In client-witsml2.0, I’ve installed FESAPI code.
Can you please suggest which code should I use for communication with fetpapiServer?

The FetpapiClient is done to communicate with the FetpapiServer.
It also exists a FetpapiClient docker image (without FESAPI support) on docker hub : f2iconsulting/etpclient - Docker Image | Docker Hub

The FetpapiClient is available in JAVA, CSharp & Python.
I need to use it for C++.
Is it possible to convert any of them to C++?
Also which ETP version is supported for fetpapiClient? 1.1 or 1.2?

FETPAPI client is primarily written in C++ as the CMakeFile and the src folder shows. The dockerfile also shows the c++ build.
The other languages are only ports.

It is based on ETP1.2 as FETPAPI server.

I just changed the README in order to be clearer

Thanks Philippe!
Also want to ask, which will be the repository(client & server both) for ETP version 1.1?

There is not and it is not planned unless funded.

Thanks Philippe!
I’m able to generate docker image for both fetpapiServer & fetpapiClient for C++.
Now for ETP 1.2 connection, which URL, USERNAME & PASSWORD should I use?

There is no username and no password needed.
The answer about URL has already been given : Facing errors while building - fetpapiServer - #4 by philippeVerney