Hi @philippeVerney,

My application is crashing while reading grid values in global crs (getZValuesInGlobalCrs).

I understand this will require more investigation, but by looking at the log can you please get some rough idea what probably can be wrong? Please note that this error is not consistent and occurs rarely.

Error Log: hs_err_pid3456 (Standalone).log - Google Drive


Hi @asim.jadoon

We have fixed some errors in FETPAPI during the two last weeks.
Yours might be one which is now fixed since we have faced a similar symptom before the recent fixes.

You should shift to FESAPI and latest FETPAPI and do your test again.
Notice that for now, we face some issue connecting with OSDU M17. But if you test against the open etp server docker image, it should be all fine.

Thank you very much @philippeVerney. We will build the versions you have suggested and test again. Just wondering do you have any build pipeline from where we can get the latest builds? We have been struggling to build them ourselves.

Not yet unfortunately. I fully understand that it is not convenient at all to build all what is needed by yourselves.

FESAPI, which has been sponsored and which is more mature, delivers binaries in C# and JAVA in releases (assect section) : Release v2.6.0.0 · F2I-Consulting/fesapi · GitHub and I can provide some others if needed
It may save you some time.
For FETPAPI, I unfortunately run out of time. I could find some and a paying customer (C++ flavor) asked for some improvements which explain the recent changes. I expect some others soon but my 2023 year start to now be fully booked…

I totally understand that. You’ve always been very supportive and I really appreciate that. If you get a chance to build FETPAPI (for yourself or anyone else) please do share a copy with me.

I just discussed with some other adopters and I am going to make a commit hopefully tomorow porting FETPAPI master to FESAPI v2.7.
So please wait a bit for your builds. Next monday should be fine!

I am afraid that, if you adopt FESAPI v2.6 now, you will have soon to adopt FESAPI v2.7.

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@philippeVerney Can you please share the release date (tentative maybe) for FETPAPI?

Hi Asim

Please try to create new post for new topic. It would help future search.
As said in Reading resqml data using fetpapi - #3 by philippeVerney

The plan is to make a first release in 2023. I think it will be second semester.
I don’t expect huge changes in FETPAPI. Cleaning and testing are the main things to do.

For now, we observe a good stability on Windows and on most of Linux OS. However, we have one last rare but critical bug on a particular Linux platform which we are investigating. This prevents any release for now.
Plenty of improvements are planned : performance, documentation, example, … but this should not stop a release,it could be part of next minor further versions.