Error while compiling avro required to built fetpapi on windows

Hello @philippeVerney

I am trying to compile dependencies for fetpapi on window. boost(1_73_0) was installed successfully but while compiling avro(1.11.1) Cmake-GUI not picking up boost

Could you please guide where is the issue.

Hi @sidrah855
As the documentation (ie. README) states, your errors are expected :

Click on "Configure" button and select your favorite compiler : it will raise several errors.
give real path and files to the following cmake variables:

    Boost_INCLUDE_DIR : the directory where you can find the directory named "boost" which contain all BOOST headers
    AVRO_INCLUDE_DIR : where the "avro" directory containing all AVRO headers is located
    (ONLY FOR WINDOWS) AVRO_LIBRARY_DEBUG : Optional, only used by Visual studio Debug configuration, the Avro debug library you want to link to.
    AVRO_LIBRARY_RELEASE : the AVRO system library you want to link to.

Oups sorry I did not notice that you wanted to build avro and not fetpapi.
I guess the avro forum would better fit for this question.
AVRO is a bit hard to build on windows as far as I remember.

You may understand how we build it looking at our CI : fetpapi/github-actions.yml at main · F2I-Consulting/fetpapi · GitHub especailly lines 14 to 24

Thanks for the information @philippeVerney .