Erase or remove an object from EpcDocument

I have one more question. I was searching FesApi for any top level API to remove (erase/delete) an object (e.g. a property) that was already created previously, in the EpcDocument, but couldn’t find one. Am I correct, or is there some way to do that which I missed? If it doesn’t exist, is there a particular reason why, since it would seem like a useful feature to have? Thanks again.

Hi Sunil,

Short answer : you are right on everything:

  • This functionaliyt does not exist.
  • Even if it would be an useful feature

Longer answer:
Fesapi has been thought not as a store API but as an import/export API. Then, architecturely speaking, not all CRUD capabilities have been taken into account.
We have mainly concentrated on C (for CREATE) and R (for READ), not on U (for Update), not on D (for DELETE).

Snce you are not the first one to ask for it, we may work on it one day. However, it is a huge task and we have not enough time/money to start it so far.