ContentType energisticsStandard for DOR hdfProxy

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I have finalized my IJK grid and I can visualise it thanks to Fesapp in Paraview. Unfortunately, a software with RESQMLv2.0 import pluggin I am working with does not handle my EPC.

The software does not return a clear explanation of the problem, but I manage to import my IJK grid in another format and export it to the RESQMLv2.0 format to directly compare my EPC to their’s.

I do not see any major differences except the ContentType of the DOR hdfProxy - EpcExternelPartReference :

  • Their’s = application/x-resqml+xml;version=2.0;type=obj_EpcExternalPartReference
  • Mine = application/x-eml+xml;version=2.0;type=obj_EpcExternalPartReference

A 2014 documentation on Energistics Online (see here) gave the same DOR hdfProxy with resqml as an example. But in 2016 they recommend using eml for Energistics Common (see here). In the EPC examples given by Energistics, the ContentType is similar to their’s.

Nonetheless, Paraview works fine with Energistics examples, the software EPC and mine.

I would like to know if it is possible if that difference could be the reason of my problem ? Or should it work fine even with a different ContentType energisticsStandard ?


Hi Morgane,

This is definitely a good reason for the bug you are facing.
FESAPI now honors the latest (and not so recent) Energistics recommendation (even a rule in my opinion). All readers which do not honor this will have issues at import time with FESAPI exported file.
I have faced the same issue and we have raised a ticket to the importing application vendor (which is probably the same as yours). The vendor will fix it in their next major release as far as I understood.

You can either :
1- use an older version of FESAPI (before
2- wait for the fix on their side (raise the bug in case it is not the same company as the one I have in mind)
3- build a post export processor which will replace all “application/x-resqml+xml;version=2.0;type=obj_EpcExternalPartReference” in all XML files of the EPC which you will optionally enable depending on your target application. You will need a zip library to deal with epc.
4- tweak a bit latest FESAPI version to change the exported content type (honor the error but enable exchange)

On “our” side we have taken option 3 as the preferred one waiting for the fix.

FYI, FESAPI can read both content type version even if the older content type may rise warning.

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