Cell corner and pillar index


I am confused about pillar indices and splitted pillars.
I have a set of (i,j) column indices and I want to get the global pillar indices that are incident to these columns either if their are splitted or not.

If I am right the getPillarIndex function doesn’t take into account of splitted pillars.

Is it even possible to get the pillars associated to a column ?

My final goal is to modify the getPillarGeometryIsDefined table.

Thanks in advance

Hi Lionel,

I am just discovering this email now. Sorry, there was probably a problem with notification or with my email…

Pillar is pillar : there are always nICell+1 pillar in I idirection and there are always nJCell+1 pillar in J direction. What you call splitted pillar is consequently still a pillar in RESQML (and FESAPI) definition, it is just a pillar which is splitted.
A pillar is represented by 1 to 4 coordinate lines. By a single coordinate line when the pillar is not splitted, by 2 or 3 or 4 coordinate lines when the pillar is splitted. I guess that by “splitted pillar”, you actually what to designate those particular 2 or 3 or 4 cocordinate lines of a splitted pillar.

According to this vocabulary: getPillarIndex function does take into account of splitted pillars.
According to what I guess you understood by splitted pillars: getPillarIndex function doesn’t take into account of splitted pillars. Because we get the pillar, not the coordinate lines of the pillar as the name of the method indicates.

I think you mean pillar “index” not the pillar.
Yes for pillar
No for coordinate line index
If you mean the pillar (or coordinate line) geometry (not index)
No for pillar, no for coordinate line. But you can simply rebuild it by getting the cell corners geometry along your column.

I think this is a wrong goal since this information is given by the standard. You cannot modify what the standard transfer otherwise it means that you don’t trust what you are receiving.
See http://docs.energistics.org/#RESQML/RESQML_TOPICS/RESQML-500-189-0-R-sv2010.html for checking that this attribute is given, not computed by FESAPI.