Build with latest Boost version

Hi Philippe. Looks like the ETP server code requires an older Boost version, while we need to build with 1.74. Why does CMake refuse to use a newer Boost? Any chance you’d allow building with newer Boost version (1.74 or the latest, 1.75 as of now)? Thanks, --DD

Hi Dominic,

CMake refuses to build FESAPI ETP with Boost >1.69 cause of a big update in BEAST which is used for websocket support (Some APIs have changed) : See Beast in Release notes

As our ETP developement has started prior to Boost 1.70, I now need to port the current development (and maybe maintain two flavors if some want to use Boost < 1.70).
Of course, I totally understand the need and agree with it but I could not find time for this yet.
FYI, I proposed this task during FESAPI Initiative phases but no member voted for it.

Just a question of time to summarize. And for now, I cannot even give you a deadline (please consider your company joining the initiative if you want to prioritize new developments).
I created an issue in order to track this question (you are the first to express the need, the third to notice this) :

(My first name spelled with a c, from a frenchman, that’s a first)

Thanks Philippe. We’re looking at it, and may propose a PR.

PS: FWIW, my intent with your ETP code base is to have interop-testing with my own ETP code base.
Which would benefit both our impls and the ETP community at large I think. And this testing would
be in-process, at unit-testing time, so using your Docker image is not an option. Thus this request.