Benefits/costs of upgrading from v1.2 to v2.2

We are currently using fesapi v1.2.1.0 to export data in Resqml v2.0.1 format.
Every year at this time we consider whether to upgrade our 3rd party libraries to a later version. So I am considering whether to upgrade fesapi to v2.2.0.0.
We have no issues with the current usage so there is no need to upgrade from the point of view of bug fixes.
My understanding is that fesapi v1.2.1 will be able to read the output of fesapi v2.2 and vice versa. However, some external readers cannot read the output of fesapi v2.2 due to a new packaging system (I got this from EPC resqml validator error message - #3 by shakirhusain in this forum)

My basic question is - Is there a link to a description of what benefits such an upgrade would give?
My more detailed questions are as follows:

  1. Would we need to change our existing calls to fesapi?
  2. We do not entirely know what requests for development we might get in the coming year, so I am wondering about Resqml v2.2. Is this likely to be released within the coming year?
  3. If so, would be in a better position to service some request to export to Resqml v2.2 if we upgrade to fesapi v2.2 now?


Hi Keith,

Only the Github changelog is provided which is not very clear.
Important information for FESAPI2.2 are imo:

  • New architecture for supporting multiple versions of multiple standards.
  • Necessary if you use FETPAPI which is our library for ETP1.2 support (ETP is the Energistics Transfer Protocol and is planned to be the protocol for OSDU Reservoir DDMS)
  • Python support
  • Bug fixes and new developements are now done on v2* version, not backported to v1.*

Yes, some changes are expected. Not as significant as between v0 to v1 but still significant.
FYI, first digit in our versioning convention is a major change. Second digit is a breaking change. Third digit is non breaking but create a behavior modification (most of time bug fix in implementation). Fourth digit is non breaking and do not create a behavior modification (typo in documentation for example)

RESQML2.2 is planned for end of this 2021 year.

Definitely FESAPI2.2 is better suited for RESQML2.2. However, I think that the full RESQML2.2 support will be done with FESAPI v3.0 (planned for 2022) since the changes are even bigger than expected.