About Fesapi 2.6

Hi , i am using fesapi2.6 , downloaded from from f2i_consulting

it is giving me the follwing issues.

it was working fine with fesapi2.4

I have also build the fetpapi(master) using same fesapi 2.6 but it is giving me the error of

session.getProtocolException not found.

Our main purpose is use these api with ETP server for reading Blob (grid zvalues )

thanks in advance


From FESAPI2.5 : “make integer arrays named as in C++11”. Integer names in C++11 are named intX or uintX where X is the size of the integer in bits.
For instance a previous UIntArray should now be named UInt32Array.
For instance a previous IntArray should now be named Int32Array.

FETPAPI is not released yet and still in developement. You might expect some methods to appear and disappear.
Furthermore, latest FETPAPI version is now based on FESAPI 2.7 (not 2.6).
Endly, session.getProtocolException does no more exist, Please override CoreHandlers.on_ProtocolException if you want to catch the server exceptions.

Thanks @philippeVerney for your support

Hi @philippeVerney ,
i am reading writing grid2dRepresentation with blob, while writing to ETP . EOF reached protocol exception occurred

using fesapi 2.7 with fetpapi .

thanks .